DHRIFT Core presents a vetted core set of interactive curriculum with embedded code-editor that is ready for synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

Workshop Menu. At present, DHRIFT Core consists of 10 workshops that cover foundational computational thinking for data analysis, web development, and Python. Each workshop has been developed, piloted, tested, and taught by generations of Digital Fellows and [who else?] for [what kind of audience]. Our Digital Humanities Research Institute community continues to update and expand the existing curriculum to ensure pedagogical relevance and technical currency.

  1. Command Line
  2. Text Analysis
  3. Data Literacy
  4. Html/CSS
  5. Intro to Python
  6. Simulations
  7. Javascript
  8. Intro to Mapping (Introduction and Implementation)
  9. Intro to R
  10. Git/Github

Interactive Curriculum. Each curriculum contains interactive elements that reinforce comprehension, facilitate anticipatory learning, and practice verbalized cognition. This includes a [workshop or DHRIFT Core] glossary with reciprocal linking, question/reveals, quizzes, and potentially more. Facilitators can choose which elements to incorporate into their synchronous instructions. Each technical workshop also includes a number of interactive projects that consolidate the lessons of the workshop - for example, a treasure hunt in the Command Line or a critter population simulator in the final Python workshop.

Code-editor. Each technical workshop is accompanied by an interactive code editor (command line console, R, HTML/CSS, Python, or JupyterLite) within the web browser. Neither facilitator nor participants need to worry about any complications around software installation/updates or system compatibility. The code-editor is a sandbox for instructors to demonstrate the basics of coding language and celebrate participant experimentation.

Synchronous/Asynchronous Instruction. The DHRIFT Core curriculum is designed to be adaptable for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. The curriculum contains links to outside resources and further reading which can also serve as a reference guide for participants to return to in the future.

Teaching Notes. Teaching notes accompany each workshop. We recommend instructors have a working familiarity with the material and encourage incorporating one’s own coding project experiences into teaching.